Lines of Credit

Improve Your Cash Flow with the Right Line of Credit

One of the most common reasons a business fails is that it is simply growing so fast it cannot maintain an adequate cash flow. And that’s bad news, since cash flow is the lifeblood of a business.

When cash flow is too tight, business owners are forced to “borrow” money from the wrong places. If you are experiencing any of the following, you probably have negative cash-flow issues:

  1. An increase in vendor debt
  2. Delinquency in paying payroll, federal, state, or Social Security taxes
  3. Frequent bank overdrafts

When the IRS finally catches up to you, the penalties for non-payment will far outweigh the benefits of borrowing against your tax liability. More importantly, if you continue with poor cash-management techniques you will find the bank either asking you to pay off your line of credit or refusing to renew your existing credit line.

Call 1-877-594-9423 today and find out the right way to manage your cash flow. We have non-traditional lines of credit, such as factoring and asset-based financing programs, that are intended to help customers who don’t fit the standard banker’s box.