Selling a Business

Mergers & Acquisitions

With a tidal wave of business owners rapidly approaching retirement age, the privately held business community is about to undergo one of its largest transformations in history. Our research suggests that four in 10 businesses will transfer ownership in the next decade. What’s more, nearly half of these businesses are expected to change hands in the next three to five years.

Expert Advice Is A Must

As we transition into this period of business owner exodus, reliable information and competent advice are proving evermore critical. Our experience suggests that while market trends, tax laws, economy shifts and the like may alter the shape of the industry, one constant remains: the need for help along the way. And while the end goal may ultimately be business liquidation, the first step is education.

When we take on an engagement, our approach is consistent: Apply the full breadth of our capabilities to every deal, regardless of the size of the transaction. Our professionals represent years of experience in the M&A field and bring extensive knowledge across multiple industries. Because of our recognized experience and success, our relationships within the investor, legal and banking communities greatly enhance our ability to get deals done.

Each business is unique. The process we have designed is customized to address the needs of each business and the objectives of ownership. Our confidential, strategic and action-oriented Business Optimization Program parallels our marketing process when preparing a business for sale. We recognize the importance of presale initiatives to maximize value before taking a company to market.

We do not simply sell your business, we prepare and optimize it.

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