At Alliance Commercial Credit Group, our specialty is providing alternative business financing. We use a variety of means to help businesses get the cash flow they need to once again be successful. Over our years in the industry, we have found that clients referred to us fall into two primary categories.

The first is newly established companies. Just starting out, these businesses lack the financial history required to establish a traditional line of credit. Our services help them get the financing they need to not only get their venture off the ground, but to also begin building a financial background to set them up for success in the future.

The second category is troubled businesses. Most of our clients fall into this category, and it’s our specialty to provide solutions for these businesses. The banks have discontinued their financing, the business may no longer be profitable, and the outlook is pretty grim. Our methods not only get a business’ cash flow reestablished, but we also work to solve the actual problem. Our goal isn’t simply to fix the immediate issue, but to position a business for long-term financial profitability.

Do either of those categories sound familiar? If your answer is “yes,” then we should talk. While your situation may be overwhelming to you, don’t underestimate the possibility to create a turnaround for your business. If you’re out of your league trying to find a remedy, it’s probably time to contact a specialist regarding the state of your business. Locally, nationally, and even internationally, ACCG can work with you to bring a turnaround.