One question we are frequently asked is what types of companies Alliance Commercial Credit Group can work with to provide alternative business financing. While we can assist business in a variety of industries attain alternative financing, we do have a “profile” of clients we have been particularly successful helping. These companies typically fit within the following parameters:

  • Local businesses in Oregon and Washington. This is where we started, and we are experts on the ins and outs of our local economy.
  • National corporations across the country. ACCG is even able to provide Canadian companies with alternative business financing.
  • Companies with collateral that can be used for secured financing. This could be in the form of accounts receivable, equipment, land, product inventory, buildings, etc.
  • Do between $3 million – $35 million in sales, whose operating lines are between $750k – 3 million. However, we have successfully secured financing for business doing both more and less in sales than that.

This is just a brief snapshot of ACCG’s average client. If you are wondering whether we are able to work with you, don’t hesitate to contact us. While we may not be the right fit for every business and every situation, we have built a network of partnerships that enable us to assist a wide variety of businesses in many different industries with various financial needs.

Our process is simple. Our services have proven successful for many businesses in our 10 years of experience. Let us work with you to provide your company with the alternative financing it needs to be successful!