Business has its ups and downs. We’ve all gone through times when things were rough. But we buckle down, work hard, and come out the other side. There are so many elements of our success outside of our control it’s inevitable that every person and business will endure low points from time to time. In other words: it’s normal to have lean times. But what about when those hardships just keep compounding and getting worse? When does a “normal” problem become a “crisis?” Here are 4 contributing factors to look at that can help you identify if your business is struggling.

  1. The people. Business is all about people: your clients and your employees. It always comes back to that. Even financial problems can be traced back to the decision makers. Sometimes a business turnaround comes down to a shift in the team or a shift in how the team manages.
  2. Financials. It goes without saying that business also boils down to money. No matter how creative you are, without cash flow, you will eventually be dead in the water. This is tricky, too, because the worse a financial situation gets, the harder it is to bounce back. The key is getting help before things get too out of hand. Your first step? Knowing that there are creative solutions to your financial needs.
  3. Operations. Aside from people and money, how your business functions also contributes to your overall success or failure. Is your sales team disconnected from your goals? Are your back-end operations not meeting the needs of your customers?
  4. Your market. Maybe the audience you once successfully targeted is no longer interested in your products and services. Or maybe the competition upped the ante before you realized what was happening. But the question remains: has your business adapted to the changing market around you?

When it comes to getting back on your feet, we can help with the financial piece of things. For over 10 years, Alliance Commercial Credit Group has been helping businesses get the alternative business financing they need to recover and grow. As for the rest? We have a network of professionals we can recommend to help your business make a turnaround and succeed again.