As we’ve talked about before, businesses wind up in a financial crisis for any number of reasons. These business owners have tried what seems like everything to get out of hot water. They have pursued acquiring further financing to see their business through tough times, only to be denied the business loan they need. And so, after struggling along for a period of time, many cave in to the notion that they’ve completely run out of options and have no choice but to declare bankruptcy. The truth is, bankruptcy is rarely a business’ only option. Thinking that is believing a myth.

Alternative financing is just that: financing other than what you find from traditional lending sources. It’s often accessible to businesses that have been turned down by traditional bank financing. While traditional financing is dependent on the creditworthiness and health of a business, alternative financing doesn’t rely on those qualifiers to determine who does or doesn’t get financing. Instead, it’s your future performance rather than past history that qualifies you for funding. The interest rates are higher than traditional business financing, but the bottom line is your business will receive the funding it needs.

Securing alternative financing for your business is more possible than traditional methods, and there are a multitude of approaches you can take. This offers a variety of means that can be used to creatively structure financing programs specifically tailored for your specific needs. The best way to find out what program is right for you is talking to us and letting us be a resource for you.

With over 10 years of experience helping businesses of different sizes in different environments has given us the edge of experience. We can take the complexity and unknown qualities out of the process of securing alternative business financing by walking with you each step of the way. Just because you’ve been told “no” before doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer! Think again, and let Alliance Commercial Credit Group help your business get the funding it needs.