You’ve assessed the situation, and determined that you need some creative solutions to get your business back in black. You may not know exactly what that means, but you’ve taken the first step in identifying your need for assistance. The next step to seeing light at the end of the tunnel is calling Alliance Commercial Credit Group.

We have a unique process of determining your needs. No two businesses are the same, and so we don’t assume to have a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we carefully interview and examine your situation so we can prescribe the best plan to solve your crisis. Part of your solution will likely involve implementing alternative financing options. The programs ACCG develop for our clients are tailored to help them overcome their limitations and achieve the end-goal results they want.

Another part of your solution might involve bringing in a turnaround consultant team. While we can handle the finances, we work with highly recommended partners who can come in and assist with everything else from job tasks to human resources to production processes.

Regardless of your industry or the nature of your crisis, Alliance Commercial Credit Group is committed to delivering results, not excuses. With a background of being entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges you face. That combined with our 10 years of experience providing millions of dollars of funding has helped us become your ideal partner.

Determining that you need help is one thing. Actually making the call is another. We’re here to encourage you to pick up the phone, send the email, or submit the form. You owe it to yourself to be successful again. It’s time to make that first move to getting your company healthy again.