Identifying that you need help is the first step you can take toward turning your business around. Then it’s time to educate yourself about the myths of alternative financing and begin to understand your options. After that, it’s up to you to make the call and bring in the assistance you need. But after the turnaround is in motion? It’s up to you to stay the course.

Seeing a business through a turnaround can leave you feeling exhausted at the overwhelming amount of work to be done. And while you will have to put blood, sweat and tears into your business during this time, we want to encourage you not to give up. We’re here to help and as you stay the course, we’ll by your side guiding you though the process. As you progress, here are some tips to keep yourself in the game:

Track your progress. In a visible place like a whiteboard, write down where you started. Then keep writing down a list of all the things you’re doing to change the situation. As things start to shift, document those changes, too. Sometimes progress is gradual, so having a visual reminder that things are changing can be encouraging.

Ask yourself what the end goal is, and visualize yourself achieving that goal. Clear focus on the desired outcome makes enduring a challenging season much more possible. It gives you motivation to persevere, knowing the current situation now will be worth it later once your goals are achieved.

Stay focused. Setbacks so easily derail us. Don’t let difficulties keep you from doing the things you have to in order to get where you want to go. It’ll be a process, you can’t expect to get there overnight. By continuing to do the right things, you can rest assured your actions will pay off in the end.

Don’t quit too soon. You’ve come this far – you’ll make it! Seeing a struggling business through a turnaround is not easy, but it is possible. We’ve helped many businesses do it, and we can help you, too.