Bridge capital is a term describing the working funds you get from a bridge loan. In other articles, we’ve gone into more detail about bridge loans and how they work. A bridge loan is a type of interim financing to cover a gap or lag time between more permanent forms of funding. It’s a short-term solution to give a business immediate cash flow.

For instance, if a business is in the process of closing a big deal but are still six months out from seeing that deal finalized, a bridge loan could be a solution to give them working capital for their immediate operating needs. Another common scenario for using a bridge loan is in the case of real estate sales and purchases.

Typically, bridge loans have a higher interest rate because they are often needed on short notice. They are structured to last anywhere from two weeks to three years. By working with Alliance Commercial Credit Group to obtain financing for your business, you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond to secure a bridge loan on the best possible terms.

How are we able to do that? Because we focus on strong equity positions to work through issues that are preventing you from obtaining traditional forms of funding. We have extensive experience working with bridge loans and applying them to a variety of financial situations. If you’re considering a bridge loan as a solution to your business financing challenges, contact Alliance Commercial Credit Group to see how we can help simplify the process for you.