Being in business, it isn’t always possible to see the outcome of the decisions we make. One company came to us after making a choice with an unseen outcome: the decision was to buy new equipment, and the repercussion was being unable to pay their taxes. Since banks can’t provide business financing for companies with tax delinquencies, this particular business became financially stuck.

Once ACCG got involved, we helped them get back on their feet. After negotiating a settlement for their tax payoff that included a discount on the total, we secured a business line of credit for them. Combined with the sale and then lease back of their equipment, the company was able to pay off their debt, and get back to growing their business.

We’ve seen businesses struggling financially in all levels. Each story is unique, as is every solution. Whatever your specific situation may be, we can help provide alternative financing for your business. It may not solve all your financial problems, but we can help your business start heading the right direction again.