One company ACCG’s alternative financing has helped in the past came out of some serious debt and is now successfully in recovery mode. The business was doing about 3.5 million in sales, but owed more than their worth to a financial institution. Their situation was very complex, so we partnered with several other experts to provide the best assistance we could to the company.

Our solution for them involved several components. The first step was negotiating a settlement with the bank and structuring new financing for them. Several other elements then came into play, including the sale and lease back on the company’s equipment, securing them a line of credit, and restructuring their building’s financing. It was a very elaborate process, involving an attorney and the need for three things to close simultaneously. At the end of the day, all the transactions were completed smoothly and the company was able to enter recovery mode.

Today, we are still working with the business on a smaller scale. They are still in recovery mode, but doing better than ever. The owners, who had retired prior to the company’s struggle, had to come out of retirement to manage the business through the financial crisis. We are working to position the business for eventual sale so that they will be able to confidently retire, leaving the business in solid condition for the next owners.

Overall, our goal is your success. We have seen – and helped businesses overcome – many different financial challenges over our years in business. Alternative financing offers a variety of financial solutions to a wide range of financial problems. We work with a team of select and proven experts to ensure that your company gets put back on its feet, and set up for future financial success.